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Zephyros, Inc.

We are a consulting company. We started in 2003 and have been training and adapting ever since. We consult in what we are good at, and what people are willing to pay us for. Repeat business is our lifeline. Our reputation is our business card. We live and breathe technology as a tool that makes our lives and our work better, faster, more efficient, more acurate, more competitive. We understand the technology and can translate it to your business language. We also volunteer our skills for local non-profits.

The areas we consult in are listed below. We work with all size companies, from the fortune 500 food manufacturer, to academic institutions, to one-person sole proprietorships..

Academic Laboratory Management

  • scope
  • plan
  • design
  • run

Operations Research, Data Analysis & Modeling

  • SAS
  • optimization scheduling heuristics
  • advanced analytics
  • marketing automation


  • production simulations (ARENA)
  • supply chain management
  • line balancing
  • line design
  • bottleneck analysis

Business development

  • new business development
  • business plan
  • consultations

Public Relations

  • Production, Distribution, Archiving of Electronic Newsletters
  • Development, Distribution, Analysis of Electronic Surveys
  • Customer Database design, build, and maintainance
  • various CMS systems
  • TargetX


  • Email campaigns
  • Message design, coding, queue it for distribution
  • Follow up campaings


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Benchmarking
  • Site Maintenance on-going basis
  • Site Maintenance as-needed basis

Training & Education




The areas we consult in are several and depend areas that our people have skills and expertise in.

, and are able to are firm specializing in helping companies communicate using digital technology.

The projects we undertake span industries and business borders.

The skills we bring to the table are a blend of marketing/ Public Relations/ communications, and the tools from industrial engineering/ Operations Research for a winning business combination of skills and understanding. We "get it".

Whether you need you message on the web maintained, or your social media presence to be current we are here for you around your schedule. Do you have or need a contact database? We design, build, and maintain them. Do you need to email 10 or thousands of customers? We design the message, code the message, and queue it for you. Is there part of your e-commerce that just isn't right? We can write and debug code.

We are up-to-speed with what works and what does not. Team members regularly consult with doctoral students as industry advisors in areas such as programming, operations research, optimization, simulation, agile supply chain and distribution, communications, PR, marketing, and new media.

Here are some of what we do well. Drop us a note via email to see how we may help you.

Note: What others break, we come in to fix, whether it is a program that has a bug, a database query that is flawed, a spreadsheet that has the wrong results, a website that just does not look right, or a line scheduling mismatch. We get up to speed fast, and deliver on time and within budget.

We are the extra pair of hands, the ones with the skills and expertise to help you when your business needs it.

Words of praise:

the ... message that went out yesterday (looked good!) ... JW '12

Thanks! You are doing a great job and I am so thankful for your quick timing. MBZ '11